Monday, March 18, 2013

NYC/The Katie Show

Good morning!  This past Thursday my mom, sister and I went to New York for a mother-daughter day trip.  You see, in an attempt to find the perfect Christmas gift for them {which was unsuccessful}, I decided a mini getaway was a great solution and I wrapped up a certificate that told them that they were going to NYC for the day to see The Katie Show.  A friend of mine {Mike} works for ABC and was able to get us tickets for the show and we couldn't have been more excited to spend the day together.  

Outside the ABC studio....

As we were making our way around the block to the audience entrance, a large, black SUV pulled over to the curb and out jumped Katie herself!  It was a surprise to us...

Our tickets were considered VIP, which meant that we had definite access into the show on that day.  Plus, we were seated first in the studio.  This was the holding room where everyone waited until being called to the set.  

So excited to see Katie!

My sister and I prior to the show...

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take any pictures during the show, so I don't have any photos of Katie.  But as for her guests, Vanna White was on set, as well as the Food Network's Sandra Lee.  A few giveaways were given including Vanna's yarn {which I loved since I crochet} and a copy of Sandra Lee's new cookbook.   

After the show, we had lunch at a restaurant right around the corner called The Smith.  It came highly recommended...especially the fried green beans with ranch.  For my entree, I decided to splurge a bit with the chicken pot pie.  It was absolutely delicious!

We had a great day...despite the cold and windy temperatures.  I'm glad I wore my puffy winter jacket complete with a hood to keep me warm.  

As for running, I had a few good days on the roads.  Friday was a nine mile day at 8:00/mile pace.  Saturday was an easy rest day of three miles and Sunday I covered six miles in 7:45 pace.  

Yesterday Fred and I visited a few more of the wineries on the wine trail...more about that tomorrow!  Enjoy your day!

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