Friday, May 3, 2013

Oiselle Distance Shorts and a Future Flea Market Trip

Sometimes you just know when you've found the one.  Running shorts, that is.  Oiselle recently sent me a pair of their Distance Short to try out and I have to say, they are super-comfy.  I love how Oiselle makes clothing that is made just for a woman's body.  These particular shorts come equipped with three pockets {two external and one internal}, a low rise at the waist and shaping at the legs.  The best part?  They are poof-proof, meaning they are more flattering than typical running shorts.  So bottom-line, if you are in the market for new running shorts, give these a go....they won't disappoint.   

Last night I threw them on for an easy six miler on the trail with Jesse.  They were perfect!

On another note, on Sunday my dad and I will be heading to the flea market just up north in the mountains.  Although this particular one may not compare to those in the larger cities, I am still very excited to spend the morning with him.  This tradition began last fall when we ventured to the same place and I came home with a few awesome treasures.  

On my list for this trip: vintage jewelry or clutches, antique bowls to hold jewelry, and a small mirror to use as a tray.

Now, I know perfectly well that one can never actually “plan” what they want to buy, but it is always fun to try!  Have a great weekend!



  1. Constricted CarlMay 3, 2013 at 7:10 AM

    Why is there no slit in the sides of the shorts to allow for greater range of motion while running? Thumbs down!

  2. I agree with Carl. Practicality trumps fashion

  3. I am wearing the Poppy ones right now! Absolutely my favorite shorts!!!