Monday, March 4, 2013

March Madness Wine Tour {West}

Hello everyone!  The past week has been a bit hectic in my household and if I wanted to keep sane, something had to give.  Unfortunately the blog was the one thing that got taken off of my long to-do list, but I'm back now with a few good upcoming posts this week.  

After a long weekend, my husband and I had some time to ourselves so we planned a little wine tasting venture in our area.  If you remember last year, we participated in the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail's March Madness, an annual event that involves purchasing a passport at any of the eight wineries and then planning a strategy to visit all of them during the first four weekends of March.  Each winery prepares a special food-wine pairing for this event as well.    

Check out last year's posts here:

First stop...our favorite vineyard...Pinnacle Ridge.  This is one of the smaller wineries, but their wines are tremendous.    

They offered their Riesling with a pulled pork sandwich topped with spicy mango chutney. 

Second stop...Vynecrest.  Their Vynecrest White was served with a vanilla-blackberry cupcake, which was divine.  We were pleasantly surprised with Vynecrest's Traminette {a semi-dry white similar to a Gewurztraminer} and took home a few bottles after the tasting.

The third and final stop was a visit to Clover Hill, one of the larger vineyards in our area. 

There we sampled chili with our choice of a sweet or semi-dry red.  I chose the sweet Concord variety since the chili was noted to be especially spicy.  Honestly, it was a nice pairing.  The sweetness of the wine balanced out the spiciness of the chili beautifully.  

Their second pairing was a Chocolate Cabernet and Cheesecake with chocolate shavings.  Fred didn't care too much for this wine, but I liked it.  Heck...I can never turn down anything that involves chocolate.    

The Chocolate Cabernet reminded me of a dessert wine, similar to a port {which is also at the top of my list}. 

It was such a fun day...good wine and great company all while supporting local wineries




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  2. This is an awesome post and I bet it was an awesome adventure! I loved to read about your experience. We have been thinking about doing a wine tour. We have looked in to wine tours from San Francisco. Have you heard anything about wine tours from there? Of course, yours looked so fun, we might have to try that out nest year! Thanks.

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  5. The pastries, by the way are yummy, do you have some recipes for them?