Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Picnic and Brunch with a Friend

Happy Labor Day!

So far I've had a fun-filled long weekend complete with good food, friends and some running in between.

On Saturday, Fred and I went over to the Moravian College football game...first one of the season!  Unfortunately they lost, but it was nice to see the football crowd.  I saw my third cousin, Coach Mak.  He used to be the Athletic Director, but currently he is the assistant golf coach.  

Later on in the day, we headed to a party hosted by our friend, Bob.  I was undecided what to take at first, but then I settled on a tasty red sangria with oranges, limes, apples and lemons. 

At Bob's party, the food was amazing.  He had homemade pierogies with buttery, sauteed onions.  O.M.G.  So good!  Here are some random photos from the afternoon starting with Fred and me...

My sister Tara...

My favorite brother-in-law, Tyler!

Heather, Carla, her daughter...

Jesse and Carla...

My sister and her old buddy, Eric...

It was so great to see Mike Warwick!  Mike was Moravian's Sports Information Director when I was there and at that time, he made a few trips with the cross-country and track teams to the Division III national championships.  He is currently the SID at Ithaca College in New York State.  

Quoit time!

Freedom Cross-Country coaches {Cadee and Bob} with their first place trophy from Friday's Moravian Academy Invitational.

Jesse and my dad playing quoits...

Mike, Patrick and Bob...

Good times!!!  

Yesterday I met my friend, Jeannine, at Billy's Downtown Diner for brunch.  I decided to forfeit my usual yogurt parfait sundae and went for their French Toast with Nutella and a side of crispy bacon.  Holy goodness!!      

After our brunch, we thought we would walk around downtown for a bit.  Bethlehem is gorgeous in their historic area.  We thought this was a pretty picture with the gate open and the leaves on the sidewalk.       

On our excursion, we stopped at the olive oil and vinegar tasting room on Main Street.  It's one of my favorite places and I was out of my favorite oil so we popped in.  After trying several samples, we both settled on some new flavors....Coconut white balsamic vinegar and Persian lime flavored olive oil.  In addition, we purchased an Australian olive oil which is amazing on a salad with fresh lemon juice and shaved Parmesan.    

For today, I am about to head off to do a workout with Moravian's XC team.  Jesse is planning some intervals on the grass.  Then I am having our friends over later for a belated birthday dinner/Labor Day cookout.    

Enjoy your day!


  1. I've never heard of Quoit! Looks like it could be a fun backyard game?

    Have a great Labor Day!

    1. Hi Jen! It is fun! I believe it originated in the coal/slatebelt region of PA and it is very popular in this area of the US. You will find variations of it at lots of backyard picnics. I saw you are now back home. There's nothing like being home, right? Have a great holiday!!

  2. This is very beautiful! Nice to find you here on blogger. All families should be like yours.
    You're absolutely invited to our blog anytime.
    Have a nice day!

  3. Such a nice brunch! And that Persian Lime Olive Oil and Coconut White Balsamic was the find of the day! Thanks again! :)