Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunny and Bright Afternoon Track Workout

Despite yesterday's cooler temps, today ended up being quite beautiful!  And, because we ended work at around 1:00 pm due to a teacher in-service day, I took full advantage of the weather and made it my goal to complete a track workout with a longer warm-up before my kiddies got off the bus.    

Upon dismissal from the day, I headed over to the track at my husband's school.  The plan was to do a longer warm-up for some extra mileage, so I ran 35 minutes {which equated to about 4.5 miles}.  Following my warm-up, I did my drills and strides.  For some reason, I wasn't feeling quite right.  My stomach felt queasy and my mouth felt dry...however, I decided to power on through.  Once I got going, I felt a little better so it was worth it to struggle in the beginning in order to have a positive outcome.  

Here's the workout:

35 minute warm-up / strides / drills

3 x 400 - 79.6, 79.4, 78.6 {on 1 minute rest}
3 x 300 - 59.6, 59.9, 58.4 {on 1 minute rest}
2 x 200 - 38.1, 36.6, 35.6 {on 45 seconds rest}

1.5 mile cool down / stretching  

The watch surprised me with that last 200 split, but I'll take it!  

Once I got home, Willsey and I were fooling around outside while waiting for the kids to arrive from school.  I haven't decided if these little blue flowers are a weed or an actual plant since I can't remember them from the last two summers.  Any ideas?

And, he wasn't cooperating with the camera until we came inside.

All in all it was a pretty good day!  Have you done any track workouts lately?  

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  1. That track looks like a nice place to hang out, catch some rays, and get a bite to eat - I should stop by sometime.