Monday, March 11, 2013

Two Good {Qusai} Progression Runs

This past weekend the weather was absolutely stunning, so I took advantage of the situation and got two decent runs under my belt.  We saw a high of almost sixty degrees on both days, which was a much needed change from the cold, damp weather we've had this winter.  

On Saturday, I ran six miles on my usual out and back course.  I covered the first three miles in 24:29 {~8:10 pace} and ran back in 23:11 {~7:44 pace} for a total of 47:40.

On Sunday, I felt decent so I ran eight miles...out to my parents' house and back.  The first four were covered in 32:40 {~8:10 pace} and the second four were completed in 29:50 {~7:30 pace} for a total of 1:02.30.      

Neither run could be considered a workout, but I called them "qusai" progression runs because the second half of each run was completed faster than the first.  All in all, it was a great weekend to hit the roads!


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