Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fitting In Runs When Possible

Tuesday nights have become notoriously busy in my household since my daughter has both dance AND softball all within a two hour and fifteen minute span.  Dance on Tuesdays has been going on since September and finding out that the one weekday she would have softball practice was going to be on the same night was a bummer. 

For me, it’s usually a struggle to find time for a run to begin with...however, there is one bonus to this busy night.  I have a little over an hour of downtime to myself while my daughter is at softball practice, and her dad is the coach, so I don’t feel nervous about leaving her at the field.  In the end, what started out as a crazy night, turned out to be a perfect way to fit in a mid-week {longish} run anywhere between 6.5 and 8 miles.  

Last night I got in a quick six and a half and felt great!  

To the moms out there…How do you make time for exercise in between being a taxi cab driver/team supporter/homework monitor/chef/etc? 


  1. We had the same thing with softball and dance. Tuesdays are rough for us. I coach until 5. Ally is softball 5-6, carson is t-ball 5:30-6:30 and Ally dance 6:30-7:30. When we have my step-son it's tricky... I get my run in when she is dancing though :)

    1. Sounds like your schedule is as crazy is mine!! Haha...crazy but great!