Monday, May 6, 2013

Flea Market Treasures

Why is it that Mondays always come so quick?  Even though my weekend was rather relaxed, it still went by super fast and here we are again. 

As I said in Friday's post, I went to the flea market yesterday with my parents and my daughter.  I was looking for a few certain things, but I didn't actually bring home what I was searching for...

So what treasures did I bring home?  Take a look...

Two brushed gold trivets which now sit on my table with votives on top.

These gold striped glasses from the 40s that accent my bar nicely.

Hair clips in every color for the girls and I to share...

{Non-vintage} statement pieces that will be fun to wear with my summer wardrobe.

Following the return from our early morning trip, Payton and I shared a cheese and fruit platter for lunch.  A fun few days filled with lots of mother-daughter time was just what we needed.  Enjoy the day!

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