Friday, May 17, 2013

Book Review & Giveaway: "Honey Do You Need A Ride, Confessions of a Fat Runner"

Funny story.  I recently received a copy of the book “Honey Do You Need a Ride, Confessions of a Fat Runner” by Jennifer Graham to read and review as a part of her virtual book tour.  As I lifted the book out of the envelope, the cover was enticing enough.  But as I turned it over to read the summary, there on the back was an editorial review from my college coach and longtime friend, Mark Will-Weber.  I knew right away that this book was going to be an interesting read based on his comments alone. 

Graham starts out talking about her lifelong struggle with weight, beginning in her childhood.  She takes us on a journey as a woman and a runner, including running while pregnant, raising a family, and training her way through the ups and downs in her life. Following on that journey is the frequently mentioned green silk dress which was purchased years ago and served as a constant motivation of sorts. 

While I was reading this book, the Boston Marathon happened.  Graham, who lives in Hopkinton, mentioned the incredible rush she gets from living at the starting point of the race and watching the marathon year after year.  In fact, the cookie on the front is a sample of the gingerbread treats that a local store makes every year for the marathon.

Author Jen Graham 
Graham’s self-deprecating humor and whole-hearted honesty made this book a pleasure to read.  As a runner myself, I was able to laugh out loud at the stories that were told throughout the chapters.  In my opinion, any person who has set goals and tried to attain them in any aspect of their lives could learn a lesson or two from Graham.  Plus, this book would definitely be on my list of beach reading recommendations.

You can catch a few excerpts from the book below:  

There’s more…I am able to giveaway one copy of Graham’s book.  I’m telling you, it won’t disappoint!  

To Enter: Please leave one comment below telling about a running moment that wasn't funny at the time, but you can laugh about it now.  

My moment? Last October I went the wrong way in a road race....the first time EVER in over 20 years.  I was extremely angry at myself at the time, but now I can just laugh and be totally sure that will never, ever happen again on that course.  

I will choose a winner randomly on Tuesday, May 21st.  Good luck!


  1. hmmm...I would have to say when I through gatorade in my face because the guy handing it out said water...in a 1/2 marathon..yep at mile 5. I was a gross sticky mess...I can definitely laugh about it now and I double check before I toss it :)

  2. I once ran in the wrong race --- there were two Turkey Trots on the same street, and I accidentally joined the 5K not the 10K! But yeah, I'd agree that running the wrong way is worse! Thanks so much for your kind comments, and good luck to everyone who enters! Jennifer

    1. Thanks for visiting, Jennifer! I will keep promoting this post through the weekend!

  3. Great post! Thanks so much for being part of the tour.

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    When the hell are we going to get a new blog post?!?

  5. Two weeks before my first full marathon (Philly Marathon 2013), I decided that my running group and I should do part of our run on a flat trail. I thought that it would be good because it would be easier on our bodies. Well as we were running I slipped on a chestnut and literally flew up in the air and then fell down hard on my side. I couldn't even believe that it actually happened. My running group asked if I was ok, when I said I was fine they all were rolling on the ground laughing. Especially because I was the one that wanted to run on the trail because it would be easier on our bodies. I didn't think it was too funny at first, but by the end of our run I was laughing.