Thursday, February 21, 2013

Track 800's and Some Food Ideas

Ugh!  Stop this madness already! 

The winter of 2013 has been a long, cold, icy wind-blown season of not so pleasant freezing temperatures and I have officially had my fill.  The conclusion of Tuesday’s rainy, slushy mix brought the 25-30 mph winds into our area and they were not particularly pleasant for a workout on the track.  I am ready for spring.

Last night’s track workout consisted of the following: 5 x 800 on descending rest and 2 x 200.   

This picture was from a few weeks ago but it was taken at the exact same track in the exact same outfit.  It worked.....
Here’s how it went:

Warm-up – 2 miles + drills

1 –3:01 {2:30 rest}
2 –2:58 {2:00 rest}
3 –2:58 {1:30 rest}
4 –2:56 {1:00 rest}
5 –2:54 {1:00 rest}

2 x 200 - 37.2, 36.9

Cool down - 2 miles, plus hurdle mobility drills/stretches at home

Running on the homestretch was a little rough due to the wind, but the rest of the pace felt relaxed.  I can't say that I went "all out" for this workout since I'm just getting back into speed, but it was a good session to begin the progression into spring training.  
Onward to food…

I made my chicken and brown rice soup on Monday night and my family has been enjoying it for a few days now.  That’s the beauty of soup…it can be converted into several meals, both lunch and dinner, while getting tastier as time goes on.  The only difference between this batch and the original recipe was that I used a plain, organic rotisserie chicken from the market rather than roasting my own and I added brown rice rather than noodles.  The result was equally tasty...AND I saved about a half hour in cook time. 

I also made banana muffins from Jesse's leftover bananas from a track meet using this recipe.  I swear, this is the best banana muffin recipe that I have come across in a while and everyone who tries them asks how I get them so moist.  The trick is the sour cream {I used light}, but next time I want to try Greek yogurt in its place.  

Last night I whipped up tomato sauce using a 28-ounce can of San Marzano tomatoes, some spices, a teaspoon of sugar and a tad of butter.  Every time I make this sauce, my family gobbles it up like nobody’s business.  San Marzano tomatoes are a little more expensive than regular canned tomatoes, but they are well worth the extra dollar or two.

What are your workouts or what are you whipping up for dinner?

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