Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flea Market Finds

Sunday was a crisp, cool morning...perfect for browsing a local flea market with my dad.

Shopping at these types of markets is like searching for diamonds in the rough.  With a little bit of patience, you never know when a jewel can appear.  Here's a glimpse at my treasures...

A vintage bowl from Germany has lots of character, yet is beautiful enough to hold my everyday jewelry.  

This olive and yellow circle scarf is a bright and colorful addition to my fall and winter wardrobe.  I am loving the unexpected color combination.

Another scarf, elegantly simple, lightweight and subdued.

The first of two fun necklaces that I found within the piles of jewelry. 

I love the metallic tones that are incorporated into this piece, as well as the color blocking.  

These vintage glass bowls came in a set of six.  I can envision using them for individualized desserts or appetizers to share. 

The second of two, this basic black necklace has a side flower, beads, and gunmetal chain that will work with just about anything.   

Finally, my favorite purchase of the day...these amazing cherry shadow boxes.  They need a little work, but I am sure they will be a winner once they are complete. 

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  1. You missed the best purchase of all, front and center in your first picture. A sponge pineapple.