Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!

It's a chilly January day and we are feeling the effects of the snowstorm aftermath.  There are oodles of slushy snow puddles and hunks of dirty, gray snow mounds everywhere.  These obstacles make running especially difficult during this blessed season, which is why I chose to run through the plowed neighborhood streets and developments.  So I thought...

Today was my Sunday long run.  Last week, I ran eight and a half miles, and so today I wanted to do the same.  It was a little chilly in the beginning, but once I got going...it was fine.  However, the roads were not as clear as I expected.  Many streets were covered with snow that was packed down tightly and this made it extremely difficult to get traction.  Needless to say, my goal of 8 1/2 miles turned into 8 miles,  but I feel the effort that I put forth was more like nine! :)

To beat the January blues, last night Fred and I decided to have a date night...at home.  I particularly love home dates because I can comfortably dress in a stylish outfit of yoga pants and fleece.

For the menu, I decided to have a table chock full of appetizers and heavy hors d'oeuvres.  To start, I made a cheese plate of our favorite cheeses from the local grocery store.  The cheeses included a 2 year old vintage farmhouse cheddar (an extra sharp cheese with a nice bite), a milky brie (creamy and tangy), and an 8 month old gouda (smoky and flavorful).  

I paired the cheeses with a Tuscan garlic bread which was still warm when I brought it home, and a side of extra virgin olive oil from a local oil and vinegar tasting room. 

To add some substance to our meal, I served Swedish meatballs and sauteed green beans.  

Along with our meal, we opened our last bottle of wine from The Fruityard, a fruit winery located on the western side of Lake Seneca in Penn Yan, New York.  Normally we prefer wines on the drier side, but this delicious fruity wine was waiting to be opened and we decided that last night was the perfect night.  

To top off the night, we watched a movie and dove into this delectable tiramisu for two. 

Have a great start to your week tomorrow!


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