Sunday, January 29, 2012

A PA Dutch Lunch

Good morning!  Yesterday was a beautiful Saturday.  I woke up, took my daughter to basketball, and went for a nice and easy 4 ½ mile run.

Later on in the day, Fred and I were invited to a luncheon at the home of Cole and Elsie.  They are a nice couple from our church and they planned a very nice meal for us. Take a look!

We sat down to a beautiful table spread, complete with menu cards at each place setting.  I think I will have to steal this idea for my next lunch or dinner event!

First course started the lunch with a choice of clam chowder or tomato soup.  I chose tomato!  It was delicious and I have to get the recipe from Elsie.

The main course was a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch meal…chicken potpie.  This comfort food was creamy and rich, and it was filled with juicy chicken, potatoes, herbs and homemade noodles.  Yum! 

Dessert followed with a delectable tray of goodies including rice krispie treats with chocolate, assorted pastries, and a fruit combination of peaches and bananas in a rich cherry sauce.

Elsie and Cole have a huge garden during the summer months and they can a lot of veggies.  They make a lot of pickled relishes and homemade jellies and jams too.  Take a look at their canning cellar.  Isn’t it amazing?

They also have a cold cellar which is placed under their front porch.  It is a walk-in room nestled deep into the ground that remains at a steady 55 degrees all year long.  Here they keep their stock of onions and potatoes for use throughout the year.  You don’t find these too often in new construction!

What a nice way to spend a Saturday lunch!  Good food, good conversation, and I learned a lot!

Now I am off to my morning track workout with Coach Jesse.  This will be my first “real” workout on the track in years.  I told him to take it easy on me, so we’ll see if he listens.  I will fill you in on the details tomorrow.  Have a great Sunday! 


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