Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Getting Movin' Again

We’re halfway through the week before Christmas and as you could probably imagine, my children {both at home and at school} are bursting with excitement.  Heck, I’m even excited for a little R&R time at home with the fam!

As I prep for the holidays, I still try to make some time for runs.  Even though I may not be running “as much” as I would like, a few miles is better than nothing. 

Recently, I did a workout on the track with Jesse.  Even though I have yet to nail down a race schedule for the new year, I felt like I needed to get my legs moving again since my last real workout was the day before Thanksgiving.  Granted, I managed to fit in some long runs sandwiched between easy five milers, but nothing compares to a few intervals to get the old heart pumping.  

Here’s the workout:

Warm-up – about 4.5 miles and drills/strides

2 x 800 - 3:11.5, 2:58.5 {at the same rest}
2 x 400 - 1:24, 1:22 {at the same rest}
2 x 200 - 38.5, 37.3 {1 minute rest}

2 mile cool down

The goal was to get in a longer warm-up for added miles.  I haven’t been on the track for a while {here} and this simple workout was just what I needed.  After Christmas I need to sit down and plan a race schedule.  Having a few goals in mind drives the way I train and the workouts I do. 

What are your racing plans for the new year?  Do you gear your workouts to your racing schedule? 

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  1. Senor Samuel, la SerpienteDecember 19, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    Si! Yo planeo mi corriendo mis carreras, y tu?