Monday, December 10, 2012

Running, Drinks & Elf4Health Challenge Round 2

Weekends go too fast.  From working a football game, Christmas shopping, running to household chores, somehow the two days off got away from me and I forgot to slow down and rest.  After all, that's what they're for...right?  

I was so excited to see my good friend, Lauretta.  She's the one who recently wrote a guest post about her experience with the Foodie Penpal Program a few weeks ago.  Lauretta was in town to see her family and we planned to meet bright and early on Saturday morning for a run.  We ran for an hour, so I'd say we covered about 8 miles in that time.  The hour together flew by because we had a ton of things to talk about and share.  Here we are...looking a little tired before heading out in the drizzle.  

After fighting the crowds at the mall on Saturday afternoon, I met my friend Jeannine for a drink at one of my favorite restaurants in Bethlehem, Blue.  They have a great bar complete with a cozy fireplace.  Although we couldn't snag a seat next to the fire, we had a great time catching up.   

Sunday morning brought us more rain and drizzle, but Jesse was nice enough to meet me for another long run on the canal tow path.  We covered 8 miles in approximately 8:00 pace, and my legs were quite tired towards the end.  However, once I was done...I was glad I went and didn't regret a single step.    

Today begins round two for the Elf4Health challenge and my new elf buddy is Shauna Strand.  I can't wait to meet Shauna and learn all about her health and fitness goals.  I do need to give a shout out to Mary, my elf partner from round one.  She is an incredible person with an amazing story and I enjoyed getting to know her through this program.  Keep up the great work, Mary!   

Tomorrow I will be having a special guest post and I can't wait to share it with you.  I'll give you a hint...it revolves around vegan recipes for the holidays...

Have a great day!

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