Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

Good morning!  Christmas Day started off great with a hike with my two boys.  Once I got home, it was straight to work on the dinner for that evening.  


Phyllo Cups filled with Brie and Cranberry Pomegranate Preserves  

~Main Course~
Stuffing with Sage Sausage
Smoked Ham
Green Beans
Homemade gravy

The turkey breast was amazing.  I've used this recipe once before and both times, it was moist, juicy and extremely flavorful.  The trick?  Fresh herbs combined with olive oil tucked under the skin and on top of it.   

After dinner, we settled into the living room with a plate of cookies while diving into the presents. 

Apparently, Fred liked his new hat AND his new Phillies shirt!

Christmas came and went in a flash, but we still have a few more stops to make this weekend to celebrate.  We're looking forward to seeing more family members, both in Fred's family and mine.  

This morning we woke up to remnants of the winter storm...more slushy white stuff.  Lauretta and I were supposed to run very early, but that didn't happen for various reasons and I'm hoping to get out later today for a few miles after the sun melts the roads.

Enjoy the day!    

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