Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alternative Exercise & Crock Pot Beef Stew with Sweet Potatoes

It’s day one of my planned mental break from running and I'm feeling pretty good.... 

Yesterday I wrote about how my love affair with running has diminished over the past few weeks and I found myself dreading the time when I had to lace up the shoes for that day’s jaunt {You can catch it here}.  Why, oh why is this happening? 

For my workout I decided to mix it up a bit by working out in my basement, which was once called “Alcatraz with a colorful floor.”  It was last seen in this old post from last winter:

All jokes aside, we have a fairly decent Stair Master and a nice floor for doing workouts such as Beachbody’s P90X, Insanity or Slim in Six.  Here I am {pre-workout} in Oiselle attire...

Apparently Willsey was wondering what was going on.   

Here’s what I did:

Warm-up: 15 minutes on the StairMaster

Beachbody’s Slim in Six {Ramp It Up} DVD {47 minutes}

Cool down -  10 minutes of light yoga/stretching

I used these videos eight years ago to shed the 60 pounds I gained after giving birth to my daughter.  These, and a combination of running and yoga were the perfect mix to fitting into my skinny jeans again.  I particularly like Slim in Six because the routine engages all parts of the body – arms, glutes, legs, core, etc., but it is light enough to not make me super sore since I haven’t worked these muscles in quite some time.  

My main workout source is running so the muscles that aren't necessarily used while running don't get much action.  Therefore, any work on other body parts often ends in soreness for a few days. 

Overall, I felt great after the workout!  This morning…yep, I’m a bit sore.  However, it's the good kind of sore.  

Tonight, it’s yoga for me.  I’ll be hitting The Yoga Loft for Carrie’s class.  She’s been known to kick our butts, but I’m looking forward to every relaxing minute. 

Onto dinner...
Last night we had a crock-pot cooked beef stew with sweet potatoes and veggies.  I prepared it on Tuesday night and brought it out yesterday morning to cook all day long.  

Basically, the recipe was simple: grass-fed organic beef cubes, one white sweet potato peeled and diced, carrots, onions, 1 cup of organic beef broth mixed with a teaspoon of cinnamon, salt, pepper and 2 bay leaves.  

Mix together and set the crock pot to low for 8-10 hours.  The result?  A hearty beef stew with a twist.  The sweet potatoes and cinnamon infused a sweet flavor into an otherwise savory beef.  Delish!

Runners...what alternative forms of exercise do you like to incorporate into your fitness routine?

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