Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Adventures

Happy Monday, everyone!

It's been quite the weekend here in eastern PA between the snow storm, a basketball game featuring cross-city rivals, a long run and a few good meals.  As most of you know, the east coast was hit with a major snow event on Friday into Saturday.  Luckily, we were saved from three feet of snow but we did get a good six inches...

Friday night we snuggled in together as a family for a pizza and movie night.  In the afternoon after my in-service, I picked up all of the stuff for pizza along with a movie from the Red Box because at that point, we weren't sure exactly when the snow was going to start or how much we were going to get.  

I made one large pizza, half sauteed broccoli and half sauteed onions and peppers.  As a mom...I like to sneak some veggies in wherever I can.  The pizza was delicious!

Cookies for dessert...

Later on in the evening, my husband decided that he wanted to head outside for a little fresh air and shoveling.  Of course, the girls put their snow suits on and tagged along to play.  

In the process, they built this masterpiece!    

Saturday morning I decided to wait a bit to brave the roads so I made a breakfast of french toast.  For a little zip, I added a touch of flavored coffee creamer to the eggs as well as my usual vanilla and cinnamon. 

After a bit I ran five miles through the neighborhood.  It wasn't too bad when I stuck to the salted and cleared roads. 

Sunday I was able to run with a bunch of girls from Moravian's team.  On my way in to the college the temperature on my car read 14 degrees!  It didn't feel quite that cold since it wasn't windy, but still...14 degrees is 14 degrees.  We ran about 9.5 miles when all was said and done.  Afterwards, we headed downstairs in the gym to do some hurdle mobility drills and core work.  Jesse timed us for 70 seconds a side while we rotated through various plank positions.  By the end, I was spent.  Note to self...start working on plank... {sorry about the blurry pic!}

Also on Sunday I made these PB cupcakes with PB icing.  Although tasty, they probably baked for about two minutes too long so next time I know to definitely keep an eye on the oven!

Finally, my Sunday evening rounded out with this chicken cordon bleu dinner and some Valentine card writing.    

I hope your weekend was as good as mine...Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Yum! I hope you post the recipe for the peanut butter cupcakes and icing :)