Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back on the Track

Despite yesterday morning's ice and freezing rain, the afternoon ended up being fairly decent -- about 45 degrees and foggy.  I met Moravian's team for the second day in a row for a workout on the track. I tried to go back in my schedule to figure out the last time I was actually on the track and it's been quite a while, especially with a workout consisting of shorter, faster intervals.  Even with the warmer temps, the track was still a tad slippery {Jesse shoveled the first two lanes earlier in the day} and very wet and we felt like we were kids running through the rain! 

This is what the track normally looks like on a nice, summer day...

This workout consisted of sets of intervals totaling 600 meters which were broken apart.  After each set, we had a three minute break.  

Here's how the workout went: 

Warm-up: 2.5 miles and some drills 

3 x 200 - 38, 37, 38  {45 seconds in between each}

{3:00 rest} 

2 x 300 - 58, 57  {1:00 rest in between each}

{3:00 rest}  

600 - 2:01

{3:00 rest} 

2 x 300 - 58, 57  {1:00 rest in between each}
{3:00 rest}   

3 x 200 - 38, 37, 37  {45 seconds in between each}

{3:00 rest} 

400 - 80

Cool down: 1 mile

Workout total: 5.86 miles

In a perfect world, I would have done a longer cool down, but I had to scoot out to be home in time for my daughter.  For the first time on the track in a while, I was fairly happy with the results.  That last 400 meters was supposed to be "ballin" in Jesse's terms, but I wasn't feeling so "ballin" at that moment.  In the end, I was glad to have that workout under my belt while looking onward to the next one.  

What speed workouts have you recently done?       



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