Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pet Peaves

Saturday morning I thought I would try a little experiment and take my phone with me on my run hoping to capture a few pictures.  This is probably the first time EVER that my phone got a little running action but I was glad it came along for the ride.  Keep in mind that this run was right after Friday night's storm, so the roads and sidewalks were a little snowy and icy. 

While running, I got to thinking about my two major runner pet peaves and because I had my phone with me, I was able to catch one of them on film.

Pet Peave While Running #1:  Unshoveled sidewalks and intersections, especially those that belong to a business.  

Here you will see a nice, clean sidewalk that belonged to a local dentist.  There is not a stitch of snow or ice and I was easily able to trek right on through and proceed into the neighborhood.  

On the flip side, this sidewalk was literally a block away and these people obviously didn't get the memo that we had weather.  The result...running shoes filled snow.

Pet Peave While Running #2: People who don't yield to pedestrians.  The last time I checked, it was a Pennsylvania state law to yield to any person who is running or walking.  I love those people who cut you off at an intersection or nearly run you down in the midst of their route.  

Maybe because I've been a runner for a long time and have been a victim to these careless drivers, I am extra conscious about letting pedestrians cross in front of me.  The worst part? Being cut off in the middle of a tempo run or progession.  That's enough to tick you off, especially when the seconds count towards an ultimate goal. 

Ok, I'm doneWhat are your pet peaves, whether in life in general or while running?  I'd love to hear!!  


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  1. So my biggest running pet peeve are clothes that don't stay put. I cannot focus if my shirt keeps riding up or my pants keep riding down. Aaaugh. Drives me nuts!