Thursday, February 14, 2013

Progressing through Six

Happy Valentine's Day!  My day was filled with a party with my students in the morning and a party in my daughter's classroom this afternoon.  Once all the partying was through, I ducked out for a little run.  

It was gorgeous weather...all 45 degrees of it and I fully took advantage by doing a six mile progression run. 

Here's the lowdown...

First three miles - 23:56 {~8:00 pace}
Second three miles - 20:10 - {6:59, 6:44, 6:27} 

Total time: 44:06 / six miles
My Garmin has been acting up lately.  Sometimes the GPS doesn't start right away, sometimes the final mile will register and be way off what I actually ran, or sometimes {like today} the final mile time doesn't even show up at all!   Does anyone else have that problem?  It's very frustrating, especially after a long run or hard workout when it's important to have my times accurate.

I'm now off to cook my family a special Valentine's dinner - Penne Vodka with chicken and a tossed salad {their request}....

Have a great night!     

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