Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Activity for Kids

As I promised the other day, I want to share an easy activity to do with children ranging from preschool through the elementary years.  I am one of the room moms in my daughter's second grade class and I needed to come up with a small activity to do as one of the center rotations at the Halloween party.  We already had a craft and bingo, so here is what I came up with...

I found a cute story online about children "walking" through a spooky trail.  As they made their way through, they stopped to collect treats to add to the cellophane bags I passed out before beginning.  

Prepare the children by telling them that they are going to use their imaginations as they walk through a spooky forest.  On their way, they will be collecting items to use to keep them safe.  The children can also use their fingers to "walk" through the forest as you are reading. 

First stop -- Monster Cages: used to trap "monsters" along the way {Chex cereal} 
Second stop -- Skeleton Bones: used to keep us safe {pretzel sticks}
Third stop -- Indian Corn and Pumpkins: These were used to throw back at creatures for our safety {candy corn and pumpkins}
Fourth Stop -- Squished monkey heads:  I'm not sure why we would need these, but the kids enjoyed the comparison...{raisins and dried cranberries}
Finally -- Sam the Skeleton greeted us with special treats because we made it!  {M&Ms}

In the end, they created a bag full of "Spooky Trail Mix."  I created tags to attach to their bags, and the kids took them home to eat later.  Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the final product. 

  • I also asked my deli counter to donate 5 large plastic containers to hold the food.  They made a nice presentation as the kids gathered around them on the floor.   
  • Depending how much time you have, this activity can be adapted to take anywhere between 10-20 minutes.    

If you are interested in the script, please feel free to email me at runnerspalate@gmail.com and I will send it to you in a Word document.

Here are the cute cupcakes in action.  Since I didn't have the time to bake, I ordered cupcakes from a local bakery and topped them with these toppers.  They were featured on Friday's Loving Lately.  

I hope you have a Happy Halloween!  Stay safe in Sandy!

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