Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3ks on the Grass + Taco Salad

Last night I had a good workout {cross-country style} on the grass.  I met Jesse and the team for a couple of 3ks, which is slightly less than two miles.  After a 15 minute warm-up and some drills, we were off and running! 

1st interval -- 11:43 {6:15 mile pace = 19:35 5k pace}

2nd interval -- 11:30 {6:08 mile pace = 19:10 5k pace}

The team went on to do a few 300s each getting progressively faster, but I had to pick up my daughter.  Even though I did have to leave, we felt that I still got in two solid intervals and I felt decent throughout both of them.  Now if only I can take what I do in workouts and apply it on race day!  :) 

Later on, I made one of our favorite meals...taco salad.  I used organic ground beef for the base and I always add my own seasonings because the pre-packaged taco seasoning is loaded with sodium.  

Romaine lettuce topped with cheese, taco meat, salsa, light sour cream and a few crunched tortilla chips makes a delicious and healthy meal.  

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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