Friday, October 19, 2012

Loving Lately {Runner's World Version}

Last night I had the opportunity to spend the evening with the folks from Runner's World magazine for a special blogger event that was held in conjunction with their upcoming running festival this weekend.  The next few days, Bethlehem, PA {my hometown} will be inundated with runners from all over the country to run, tour, and spectate at one of the largest races in the northeast.  Some are brave enough to tackle the hat trick, which means they will run the 5k and the 10k on Saturday, and the half marathon on Sunday.   

This morning and through lunch, there are special events that are planned for us...including a meet and greet with US Olympic Marathoner Shalane Flanagan.  I can hardly wait to meet her!  

Since my Friday posts revolve around things I have been “Loving Lately,” I found last night’s BBQ to fit nicely into that theme, especially since they revolved around two of my favorite things...running and food.  Here’s a glimpse at some things that I was loving lately at the Runner’s World event.  

The buffet was delicious, including this burger on a whole wheat roll topped with caramelized onions, and a brownie, of course!  

It's always nice to see old acquaintances, so I was happy to run into Warren Greene, Brand Editor at RW.  Warren and I interned at Rodale Press together back in the mid-nineties. 

Today we will learn more about Altra Zero Drop Footwear, but we were fitted for a pair of shoes to test out on this morning's shake-out run. 

Running into a teammate was pretty cool, especially someone as nice as Amanda.  Notice that we wore our Oiselle gear!

Bart Yasso and me...

We were given a tour of the Runner's World headquarters and one of the first things that we saw was their wall of past covers...

...including a sneak peak at the December issue!

In a hallway of brown doors, Bart's office door was covered with bibs from races all over the world.  I had to laugh to myself because my bedroom door in high school looked just like this.  However...my races were obviously local.  

What better way to end a great night than to sit around a camp fire roasting s'mores?  

Besides the shoes, they also presented us with a bag that was loaded with neat goodies including these adorable headbands.  

Plus, more stuff that I can't wait to dig in and try out.  

Now I'm off for some more fun with fellow bloggers and the crew from Runner's World.  Have a great day!

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