Sunday, October 28, 2012

Running Before The Storm

"Sandy" is expected to arrive later on in the evening, but before she does...I've been trying to get in some good running {both long runs and workouts}.  The electric company literally sent out an email on Friday night to all of its customers warning everyone to prepare for power outages.  The local news stations are informing people to select a portion of the home that is deemed the safest, and telling people to stay there until the storm passes through.  And, some are calling Sandy "The Perfect Storm." 

Thursday night, I met Jesse at the canal for a few intervals.  Initially when he said that we were doing 4 x 2 miles, I thought I misunderstood him.  But needless to say, I heard him correctly and that is what we did.  

It was just starting to get dark when we began, so the last two were done using only the light from his bike.  Parts of the tow path are a little rocky so I was definitely cautious of my footing, and at times, I felt like I was running through a tunnel of darkness.  It was quite surreal.  Here's how it went, 8 miles of quality...

1st - 14:06 {7:03 pace}

1 minute rest

2nd - 13:39 {6:49 pace}

2 minutes rest

3rd -  13:18 {6:39 pace}

3 minutes rest

4th - 13:12 {6:36 pace}


Up until the last one, I felt decent and ran smooth.  I had to work on the 4th interval to finish with a faster time than the third since that was our goal -- decreasing times and increasing rest.  I'm glad {now} that I have this workout under my belt because it will help me in an upcoming nine mile race that I am 98% sure I am doing on Thanksgiving Day.  

On Saturday, I met my friends {Kim and Carla} at Lehigh's XC course for a long run.  This wasn't your typical long run because we threw a mountain into the mix.  The beginning of our run was us, trudging up South Mountain, and back down to the course.  Once we got back to the XC course, we finished the run on grass.  I ran 1:13 and they continued for a while longer.  

Obviously, we slowed down while running up the mountain, so that increased our overall time.  In my opinion...that mountain equals another mile added on to the final distance!!!  

While waiting for their return, I stretched a bit.  I have to say again...I love these Oiselle Lesley Knickers.  They have quickly become my favorite running tights for many reasons.

Afterwards, we stretched, chatted, and planned our next long run together.  I love running with friends...it makes the time go so much faster.  Thanks, gals!

A random thought---
In my town, trick-or-treat is always the Friday before Halloween {thank goodness since Sandy plans on wreaking havoc this coming week!}  I took Payton in my mom's neighborhood with my sister and her kids.  Here we are, ready to go!

I think she got us enough candy to last through the storm...

I'm not complaining!  If you are on the east coast, please try to stay safe and sound as this storm works its way through.  Enjoy your Sunday!   

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