Thursday, August 2, 2012

Some Runs, Yoga and a Trip to the Chiropractor

Good Morning! 

I can't believe how fast these summer weeks fly by.  Before I know it...I will be in front of a group of ten year-olds teaching math and reading.  Crazy!

I haven't had my camera with me the past few days, but I have been doing some running.  Monday was a hilly seven miler around town, Tuesday was a hot and heavy five, and last night...Lauretta joined me for five before heading to our favorite yoga class with Laurel.  By the time we got to the handstands in yoga, I was exhausted.  Child's pose never felt so good!  And...it was great to have Lauretta back in town again. 

As for the chiropractor part of this post, I decided to try a different route towards helping with the recovery of my Achilles tendonitis.  For some reason, it keeps lingering on and on and quite honestly, it's beginning to drive me nuts.  I am so tired of my regular stretching and icing routine because I feel like it's not doing a darn thing.  Even though the pain level has definitely decreased, I still felt like I needed to venture out in a new direction for pain control, hence...the chiropractor.  

I was told a few weeks ago by a local runner, Kathleen Jobes, that this particular doctor {Dr. Ryan Gilroy} treats a ton of runners, and is a runner himself.  She said that he could help.  After a week of vacation running and some soreness, I decided to call yesterday morning.  Dr. Gilroy answered the phone himself and he told me to come up that same afternoon.  

Once there, I explained my history with this injury, starting back from April to the present.  After some observations, he decided to do a combination of Electric Stimulation Therapy, Active Release Technique {ART}, some stretching with the IT band and hamstrings, and slight adjustments in the pelvic area.

The Electric Stim was basically a type of ultrasound.  He did the ankle/Achilles areas of both legs, and since the inflammation was increased in my right leg, I definitely felt the prickling and heat when he treated that side.  

The ART was a combination of pain and relief.  When he started it, I nearly jumped off the table.  But after probing a bit, it felt great!

The plan is to go again tomorrow morning, and then twice for the next few weeks.  It was funny, as we were talking, Dr. Gilroy invited me to run with a group of people who get together on Sunday mornings in Easton.  I had to laugh because when I was in high school and college, I ran with that same group.  I can't believe they are all still gathering together after all of those years!

Ok, off to do some weeding in the yard and some much needed grocery shopping.  Tonight, I will be heading to the RCN studio to tape their Sports Talk show.  I will be joining two other committee members to talk about the upcoming Via marathon/half/relay in September.  Enjoy your day! 



  1. Hello Tracy,
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    All the very best to you and yours for the rest of 2012 and beyond Tracy. Hope to hear back from you...


  2. Hi Darin,
    I am now following you on Twitter. Thanks for the message!


  3. Talk about the small size of the world. I am glad you have fully recovered from the tendonitis.

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