Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Celtic Classic with Friends

Sunday afternoon was too nice to sit home so we headed downtown to meet some friends at the Celtic Classic, an annual festival that showcases Irish festivities and tradition. 

Besides a plethora of Irish food stands, a beer tent complete with Irish music, and kilts for sale, there were competitions such as the sheaf toss, the caber toss and different weight throws.    

Yes, these large men wear kilts to compete!  Many festival goers come clad in Irish garb.  This older couple on the right caught my eye {and a few others}, but they already passed before I could capture them on film.  They were adorable.  

There were Irish Pipe Bands from all over the country playing on street corners.

I met a few members of my team from school for some food and drinks.  Without realizing, I wore my Irish green! 

More Irish entertainment...

On the way out, Fred ran into Officer Walbert, a Bethlehem cop, who also came prepared for the occasion in his kilt.  Several festival goers requested pictures with him. 

The Bethlehem historical area has beautiful old buildings that were once occupied by the Moravians.  Remnants still remain, as well as buildings that were once refurbished. 

Fred and Alli...she wasn't as thrilled to be there as we were...

For a weekend that was meant to be wet and rainy, it turned out to be beautiful and perfect for being outdoors.  

As for running, the last two days I ran about five miles each day.  Yesterday after school it was pouring, and I periodically had to stop to wipe the water out of my eyes.  I am hoping that my shoes dry for tonight's workout! 

Enjoy the day!

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  1. Was down there as well on Saturday afternoon/evening, it was a shame we did not run into you guys.