Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday Weekend / Cabin Adventure {Part Two}

This past weekend, Fred and I went on a getaway to the New York Finger Lakes.  If you missed yesterday's post about touring the wineries, you can check it out here.

We ended the night at his cabin just north of Williamsport, PA.  After a good night's sleep, we headed down the mountain to the Turkey Ranch for a delicious, but not so healthy, breakfast.     

The Turkey Ranch was exactly the kind of place you would expect to be situated in the mountains...complete with mounted turkeys and coyotes on the wall.

I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich on a croissant with home fried potatoes on the side.  Oh, so good! 

After breakfast, Fred and I bundled up and took a walk around the grounds of the cabin.  It was such a crisp morning, perfect for walking off the food we just consumed!  

I would hardly consider myself a mountain girl, but the cabin has just enough accommodations that I feel comfortable when I am there.    

I thought this was funny....someone changed the speed limit sign to 75 {mph} rather than 15.  The cabin is in the middle of nowhere, so to think that anyone would have the black Sharpie marker on them to make such a change was a bit humorous.   

This spot is otherwise known as "Disney World."  Apparently it is a location where lots of animals can be found roaming around and eating food.  Hunting humor, I guess? 

All in all, it was a fun day {and weekend}!  I have a debilitating fear of snakes, so I was glad the weather was cold enough for them to be nicely tucked away under the ground.  

If you would like to visit the posts from our summer excursion to the cabin, you can find them here and here.

As for running, I am preparing for the Runner's World 10k this weekend.  In addition, I will be participating in some blogger events that are scheduled in the days leading up to the race and I am excited to be a part of all of the festivities.  One very cool detail...I will have the opportunity to attend a meet and greet with Olympian marathoner Shalene Flanagan.  So excited!!  I will be sure to take lots of pictures and share about all of the events.  

Have a great Tuesday!   


  1. Hey, I'm in the picture too! Thanks for the publicity! In the picture when you're on the road, if you count up 12 trees, then look to the left side of the road you can see me waving at the camera! :)

  2. So beautiful! Have fun at your 10K and give Shalene a high five for me.

    1. Thanks!! I will be sure to tell her that you said hello! :)