Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Run and Brunch Date

Ahhh....Sunday relaxation.  I love it.  Right now I am sitting here in my living room with my family watching football and drinking hot tea.  So far I had a great day and it keeps on getting better because I have a spinach lasagna in the oven and trail mix brown rice krispie treats for dessert {recipe later in the week}.  

This morning I started my day with a ten mile run with a few of the girls from the Moravain team.  Following, we did some hurdle mobility drills and core work.  I always tend to get aches and pains in my hip area due to tight IT bands/hip flexors and the drills felt really good.  

Following my workout I met my friend Jeannine at a rather new restaurant in downtown Easton called Maxin's 22.  We met there once before for a happy hour and this time it was just as good.  Here we are smiling for my camera at an awkward angle... 

I started out with a mimosa, the perfect way to celebrate a good run and brunch with a friend.  

 The bar had quite the beer selection...check out the list!

For our meal, we both ordered the berry crepes and a side of crispy bacon to share.  The crepes were heavenly...not too sweet or filling.  The homemade whipped cream was the perfect topper to an even more perfect meal.  

I love being able to spend time with girlfriends, especially Jeannine.  It's a rarity for me, but I look forward to it every time.  Enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. Where do I sign up for the running skorts?