Friday, January 18, 2013

Polar Bear Plunge & Via Marathon

TGIF, everyone!  In lieu of my usual Friday Loving Lately  post, I thought I would share a little bit about what I am doing this weekend with a few colleagues from work.  At approximately 1:00 pm, you can think of me while I plunge into the icy, cold waters of the Delaware River for a quip dip, or more likely, a very fast run in and back out into the warmth of my Uggs.  

Why, do you ask?  I am one of many {like over 3,000 many} to take the Polar Bear Plunge to support the benefits of Special Olympics.  This “Plunge” is a fundraising opportunity for people in the community to raise money and gather donations for Special Olympics of  Pennsylvania, the state’s largest year-round organization devoted to sports training and competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics benefits thousands of adults and children by helping them improve physical fitness and motor skills.  The organization also helps their members gain confidence and obtain a more positive self-image through their year-round trainings and competitions.  All of this is at no cost to them or their families.

My team plans to arrive early to register with lots of hot beverages and food in tow.  Shawn {another 4th grade teacher} will have a table for the refreshments that are being donated by a few families from our school.  Parents and students alike will be in attendance to watch and join in the festivities of this Plunge…all for a good cause. 

I am a bit nervous for the cold water, but I plan on having lots of extra clothing and hot coffee.  Rumor has it that a person only has to dip their feet in the water for it to count as plunging so that makes me feel a little better.  Fred is having a hard time believing that I will actually touch the water, yet alone go in because it has to be seriously hot for me to get into my own pool during the summer months.  We shall see…only time will tell. 

If you are interested in checking out my personal donation page, you can find it here and see why I’ll be “freezin’ for a reason” on Saturday afternoon.  

On another note, if you remember back in September I posted about my affiliation with Via, an organization that helps children and adults with disabilities develop social connections and gain employment in the community.  I serve on the Via race committee that plans/coordinates their yearly marathon, half-marathon and relay held on the second Sunday in September.  

Via's Boston certified course was designed by Runner’s World’s Bart Yasso.  It has a net descent and runners can choose to run a full marathon, a half-marathon or compete on a 5-person relay team.  This year's date is set for Sunday, September 8, 2013 and it’s a great community-wide event that runs from Allentown to Easton.  Check it out and register today!  

Here are a few of the posts about last year’s Via event:

Via and Special Olympics have a similar mission and I feel really good to be a part of both fundraising events.  I will be sure to capture Saturday's plunge on film because it will be the first, and quite possibly the last time I will wade in a river in the middle of January.   

Have a great weekend!

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