Monday, January 28, 2013

Recovering Willsey & Weekend Runs

It was kind of a crazy weekend....between Willsey having surgery to remove a ping pong ball from his stomach to trying to fit in runs in between family obligations.  I have to say...I don't feel too rested and I'm sure glad it's a snow day today.

Saturday morning we woke up to a blanket of snow.  Although beautiful, some of the city sidewalks were still covered with a light coating which made it difficult to get tractionEven though I ran five miles, I might consider it six since "effort miles" come into play.  

Quickly about Willsey...Thursday night he swallowed the ball while being bribed to drop it with a piece of cheese.  To my surprise, it went down whole {along with the cheese} and at that moment, the adventure began.  Willsey came home on Saturday afternoon after the vet removed it from his stomach and he remained calm and subdued the rest of the weekend.  Saturday night I watched a movie with him on the floor while he rested his head on my lap the entire time.  I was so glad to have my buddy home and he was glad to be home.  This is pretty much what we did Saturday night...

Here is the culprit...all in tact, post-surgery.  The doctor gave the ball to us as a souvenir, but I'm quite sure this is one experience I would like to forget....

Sunday I ran a long{ish} run on my own.  Oh, how I dislike running anything over eight alone, so this one was no different.  Plus the east coast temperatures still remained in the low 20s which has been getting a bit old, but Wednesday's 60 degree weather sounds like a heat wave!  

I only was able to get in eight miles at a decent pace, so I was happy.  

Between all the craziness, I experimented with a new recipe on Sunday...Slow Cooker White Bean Chicken Chili.  We had it for dinner last night with some tortilla chips and the fam gave it two thumbs up.  You will be able to catch the recipe on here tomorrow!

That's about it for the weekend review.  I hope your weekend was better than mine!  Have a great Monday....


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