Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hill x 6

Good afternoon!  I've been up and at 'em for a bit now doing odds and ends around the house, but I was also able to do a quick workout on a hill in my parent's neighborhood.  Since they live at a higher elevation, there was never an easy finish for a run no matter which direction we came from.  My dad always used to say it would make us tougher and stronger.  Here's the hill...it doesn't look like much, but it's a quarter mile of slope except for the last fifty yards. 

Jesse wanted me to get in about 1.5 miles of quality so here's what I did:

20 minute warm-up {about 2.5 miles}

Hill 1 - 1:47.98
Hill 2 - 1:42.24
Hill 3 - 1:37.08
Hill 4 - 1:35.44
Hill 5 - 1:33.08
Hill 6 - 1:28.65 

1.5 mile cool down

The first one was just to feel out the hill and to get a pace going, and then I wanted to increasingly get faster on each rep after that.  On the final hill I went {pretty much} all-out.  Afterwards I stretched in my parent's kitchen {just like old times} while Payton was finishing up being spoiled.  That always happens when we go there.  Go figure...

This was my first hill workout in a while because I was hesitant to attempt them due to the Achilles issues I had back in the spring/summer.  Since I've had that under control for a while now, I felt like there was no time better than the present to get back on the hill saddle.  I'm glad I did!

What workout did you do today?  Have a great Saturday!!

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