Thursday, January 24, 2013

{Brown} Rice Krispie Treats with Trail Mix & Some Brrrr Intervals

Good morning!  How do you feel about sweet-salty combinations in food?  I don't know about you, but I love it...especially when it involves caramels with sea salt or chocolate-covered pretzels.  Delish!  Because Sunday was all about football, I wanted to make my family a little dessert that incorporated that sweet-salty goodness into one, easy to eat treat.  The result and recipe can be found here!

To make these bars a tad bit healthier, I used brown rice cereal rather than the regular rice cereal found in the traditional recipe.  Also, my grocery store has a trail mix bar so I was able to create my own mixture such as pumpkin seeds, yogurt-covered raisins, cashews, peanuts and pretzels.

A half an hour later, I ended up with this:

I'm telling you...these treats won't disappoint.  That salty-sweet flavor was too good to be true and I found myself cutting little bites throughout my entire day off from school.  Good thing I worked out that morning!!   

Speaking of working out....last night I ran another workout with Moravian's team.  If it wasn't for Jesse's guilt-filled texts :) and Lauretta's encouragement, I probably wouldn't have stepped foot outside to run since the temperature at start time was a balmy 17 degrees. 
We did some more tempo-related intervals in a neighborhood that has a mile-long loop.  The streets there are clear of snow and the much of the wind is blocked by the surrounding homes and trees. 

Workout: 1 mile at ~5k pace; 2 mile tempo at ~5k pace; 2 x 800 each progressively faster

Here's how it went:

1.5 mile warm-up and some simple drills/strides

1 mile - 6:17 {just to get warmed up}
{1:45 rest}
2 miles - 12:25 {6:09, 6:16}
{2:30 rest}
2 x 800 - 3:14, 2:49 {1:15 rest in between each}

1.5 mile cool down = 7 mile day!

I have to say...we were cold!  But in the end, it wasn't as bad as I anticipated and was glad to get in the workout.  

Enjoy your day and stay warm!           



  1. The treats look yum,yum! I'm convinced that I should be making those this weekend :) great job on your run! I was headed to te gym last night and caught the coldest of breezes...it almost froze me! I don't know how you girls do it!