Thursday, September 13, 2012

What's Your Athlete Body Type?

It's Thursday!

Because we are more than halfway through the week, I thought I would post a fun, little survey that compares your body type to that of an Olympic athlete.  I recently found this page while surfing Lehigh Valley Running Scene's website for upcoming local races in my area.  This was posted back in August, but it was new to me.  Although I'm sure it isn’t very accurate, I still found it amusing.  They noted that the data sample used for this test contained all of Great Britain’s Olympic athletes {the tallest, shortest, heaviest and lightest competitors}, as well as 10% from all the other Olympic teams.

Take a look and try it out…but don’t make the same mistakes I did…

First, I entered my height and weight in the slots, not realizing I was using metric units.  The first body type resulted in me most resembling a tall basketball player.  Now, I am not short, but I'm not tall either.  My 5’6 stature is considered average in most minds, so I knew something wasn’t right.

Next, I changed the height to feet and inches, but neglected to change my weight, which still remained at 120 {kg}.  The result?  A large male who participates in shooting.  Still, not comparable. 

Finally, I got my act together and entered the correct data into the proper areas of the test.  I blame my incompetence on too much work and running and a lack of sleep.  By getting it right, my results were more comparable to me.  Although I didn’t measure up to any runners {sad}, my body size did correlate to a gymnast and a synchronized swimmer.

So if you have a free minute and want to participate in a mindless test…try it out.  I am not promising accurate results, but I can promise a little fun.

As for running, I am about to head out the door for 5 miles before heading to school.  My goal is to run another 5-6 miles tomorrow, 10 on Saturday, and then 5 again on Sunday.  Enjoy your day!

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  1. As expected, when I entered my data I was a chiseled Olympic God!