Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Fall Bucket List

As the weather gets colder, I get motivated to start anew…kind of like setting a few pre-New Year’s resolutions.  Since I ran Saturday's long run on my own, I had an hour and twenty minutes of thinking time to come up with several things I want to accomplish before the holiday season. 

Homemade caramel candies - I’ve never made them before, but I've seen it done a few times on Food Network and it doesn't look all that hard.  Plus, I came across some lovely Fleur de Sel {a French, hand-harvested sea salt} at my favorite oil and vinegar tasting store and I thought these two flavors married together would be delightful.  

My first 10k race - I can’t remember ever running this distance on the roads.  I've run countless races in my lifetime, but never a true 6.2 miles.  My plan is to run the 10k at the Runner’s World festivities on October 20th in my hometown.

Increase my long run distance - To prepare for a Thanksgiving Day race that I am 95% sure I'm running, I want to bump up my long runs to 13 miles.  I try not to increase mileage too quickly, so one or two miles/long run/week should put me where I want to be.    

A blog goal - I have been slacking in the recipe creation area lately and I would like to come up with new and creative dishes, possibly once per week.  

Homemade applesauce - Fall is a time for apples {or applesauce} and I would like to get a hold of my mother-in-law’s recipe and make my own.  My kids would love me forever if I did!  

Weekly yoga classes - Since summer, I haven't been diligent with attending yoga...and my body can tell.  I need to make a date with the mat and try to hit a class once per week.  

Sip pumpkin sangria - Tapas on Main, a local Spanish restaurant here in Bethlehem, serves the most amazing sangria.  I am a sucker for their beverages and I recently heard they serve pumpkin sangria in the fall.  I’ve planned a TBD girls night out with my friend, Jeannine, to grab a glass {or two}.  

Office overhaul - Summer got away from me and the one room in the house that didn’t get an overhaul was my home office.  I need to spend a little time organizing the file cabinet and cleaning up the piles of mail that take up space on my desk. 

What kind of list have you made lately?  Do you have any goals that you would like to accomplish before the first snowfall?  I’d love to hear from you!


  1. I have zero goals to accomplish. Don't set'em and don't fail.

  2. My bucket list is simple, I just want to become a better and more enlightened person. Although the sangria looks delicious, I may add that to the list as well

  3. Oh the Pumpkin Sangria... if they don't make it this fall, I'll have to reverse engineer it for you, and then lodge a serious complaint!!!! Looking forward to drinks on a crisp fall evening! :-)