Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Fashion Finds

Good morning!  I love having Monday off.  After one workday, we are half way through the week!

As I was thinking about some ideas last night for my blog, a style post came to mind.  Since I had a day off from running yesterday and I didn't really make a meal last night...it seemed like a fun idea to change things up a bit.  As the summer winds down to an end, I am thinking ahead to fall, i.e my fall wardrobe.  I already own some major key pieces that I love and wear all of the time when the temperatures dip...starting with my riding boots.  I bought these last year in brown, and a similar pair in black.

In addition to the boots, which are perfect for school, I am also loving the cowboy-style ankle boots seen on the racks.  Rather than going southern, I opted for a more modern, lace-up pair of suede boots with a rubber heel...similar to these...

I've also been seeing a lot of burgundy and maroon.  Anywhere from shoes to sweaters to lips...this rich hue seems to be the color of the season.  I recently purchased this fun sweater {from Target, of all places} to mix in with my current pieces.  I love it because it is comfortable, yet stylish.  It can be paired with jeans or a simple black skirt.   

As if denim ever went out of style, I love the short, cropped old-school jackets that are in with a vengeance.  My purchase looks very similar to this one and I've found that its already been with me on several recent cool evenings and trips to the grocery store.    

At first I wasn't sure what I thought of colored denim.  That is, until I found the perfect pair of red, ankle length jeans.  I'm thinking that colored denim may not be the most flattering...but the proper cut can make all of the difference.  

Finally, my frivolous purchase for fall...these tan, ankle-strap heels.  I recently eyed them at DSW and didn't purchase them because, after all, they are not practical for teaching fourth graders.  I went back about a few days later...and they sold my size.  I was bummed.  But this past weekend, as I made my way through the DSW isles once again, not only did they have my size...were they 40% off!  It was meant to be.


I usually don't do well with heels because the back of my foot doesn't stay put.  The strap will hold my foot in place and I love them.  Plus...they are comfortable!

As for fall fashion in terms of running clothes, I can't wait to try Oiselle's Lesley Knicker.  Capri tights are perfect for making the transition into winter running.  

What are your style picks for fall?  Have you picked up any recent additions to add to your existing wardrobe?  

As for running, my plan is 5 -6 miles after school today and a progression run tomorrow.  Enjoy your day!


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  1. We like the tall boots as well