Saturday, September 1, 2012

10 Miles with Lauretta + Moravian's Kick-Off XC Meet

Good morning!  

As I am writing this post, it's about 11:00 in the morning, I already have ten miles under my belt, and I am ready to relax, grocery shop, and attend a Labor Day party.  This morning, I met Lauretta bright and early for a nice long run on the tow path.  

I thought we averaged quicker miles, but the Cool Running Pace Calculator told me that we ran 7:52 pace.  I was just happy to see her again since she moved to Virginia last month for a teaching position.  Like always, we chatted the entire run...with no pauses. 

After my run, I pretty much came home and crashed, and then I made myself a little lunch.

Last night my dad and I met my old teammate, Carla, at Moravian's cross-country season opener that was held at Lehigh University.  

Some of you may remember Lehigh's basketball upset in the first round of March Madness...they beat Duke!  Lehigh is practically located in my backyard and it is such a beautiful school.  They had the stadium open for facility use, so my dad and I checked it out.  The football team looked like they were having a relaxing practice before their game today.  

The women were first to race the 6k course.  I still have trouble figuring out what is a good time in this distance because when I was in college, we raced a 5k.  Below, Jesse was rounding up the women for a pre-race pep talk.   

The men raced the same distance immediately following the women.  We had a guy {Dylan} finish in the top ten of this race.  

Here's Carla and I as we await the men's start.  I wore the shirt I won at last week's alumni event.  I love it!   

We stuck around a little while afterwards and then my dad and I picked up a pizza and took it home to eat with my mom.  While we were waiting for the pizza, the owner offered us each a complimentary glass of wine.  Of course...we couldn't be rude and decline!  It was a fun night!  

Today we are heading to Bob's Labor Day party and I still need to decide what I am going to bring.  I'm thinking sangria.  We'll see!

Have a great day!


  1. The guy who designs Nike's shirtsSeptember 1, 2012 at 4:22 PM

    Nice shirt...whoever designed those shirts must be a really nifty guy!

  2. Hi Tracy, It was fun to be part of Moravian Cross Country again and great hanging out with you!! --C
    p.s. I wish I was even a little photogenic :P