Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Warrior

Good morning!  The weekend went crazy fast and here we are, at the dawn of another week.

Saturday morning was supposed to be filled with a visit to see my sister and her family, but Payton woke up with pink eye.  Luckily, I had leftover drops from her last bout and they dramatically helped within the first few hours.  Since we didn't go on the road trip, we went downtown instead and had a bagel at Johnny's, plus a decaf skinny vanilla latte for me.  

In true girl fashion, we later hit some stores for an afternoon shopping excursion because Payton was in desperate need of fall clothing.  She hates shopping, but I caught her in a good mood and we had a great time.  We even snagged a furry leopard coat!  

Sunday morning, I got up and ran a semi-long run of eight miles.  It was cool and crisp, perfect for running.  I only ran eight because I plan on running a hard workout today and my IT band was still a little sore.  On the docket for the workout: mile repeats on the grass with a few fast quarters at the end. 

Speaking of IT band, I made good use of Willsey's leash when doing my stretches.  It is very similar in consistency to that of a yoga strap.  

Stretching outside after my run...

Yesterday afternoon was very effective.  I went grocery shopping, decorated my house for fall, made vegetable soup and took Willsey to the path for a walk.  I will post about the latter two this week.  But, I am loving my house.  I took a few items that I had in a closet and brought them out for decorative use.  Plus, I rearranged some other items that were already out on display.  Sometimes a little creativity with things that you already own can make a space look brand new.  



I moved the birdcage to the floor and brought out my grandfather's antique tin cooler to fill in the space underneath the table.  Once my wine glasses are out of the dishwasher, they will be added back on the tray, and some new foliage was purchased to complete the fall look.  I had that tall, glass vase in my office closet and it was perfect to hold them.  Now all I need is some kind of mirror or print to hang above the table and the dining room will be set.  

How do you decorate?  Do you like to reuse old items and recreate their purpose?  

Have a great Monday!  

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