Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wine Pairing Dinner + A Ten Mile Run

On Thursday night, Fred and I joined two other couples for a wine pairing dinner at Shula's Steakhouse in Saucon Valley. 

The wines featured that night were imported from Muses Estate, a vineyard located in Greece.  At first, we weren't sure how good Greek wines would be because let's face it...we all know that good wine comes from California, Italy, France and Australian, to name a few.  But we were pleasantly surprised as we made our way through the chosen wines of the evening.

We started with two, nice white wines to accompany the appetizer and first course.  However, the two wines that really stood out to me were the ones paired with the second and third courses.  They were both dry reds with amazing flavor and complexity.  Each of the courses were of Mediterranean fare and my favorite was the main entree...their Spinalis steak.  I learned that a Spinalis is a rich, well marbled cut that covers the top of the rib-eye.  These steaks don't need to be marinated.  When grilled correctly, they are as tender as filet mignon, but with all of the flavor of a rib-eye.  This cut is very similar to a flank steak.  Unfortunately, due to lighting and good conversation, I didn't get any food photos.

Here's the crew...

Before we left, my stepdaughter wanted to take some photos outside by the pool.  I wanted to wear my new shoes, so I chose this black dress and pulled it all together with a tan belt and copper necklace. 

Fred and me...

A few times a year, we like to attend these wine-pairing dinners at Shula's.  Each time we go, we learn more about wines from around the world and we have to opportunity to taste delectable food that is second to none.  

This morning, Jesse was nice enough to accompany me on a ten mile run.  He hasn't been running, so he met me at my house with his bike.  We covered a little over ten miles on an out and back course along some roads and the tow path.  It was ridiculously humid and gross, and a little muddy on the trails!  At ten miles, my watch registered 1:19, but we had another tenth of a mile to get back to my home. 

Local meteorologists are calling for some nasty storms tonight here in the Lehigh Valley.  I am hoping that everything stays in tact along the LVHN Marathon for Via course since the race is tomorrow morning.  I will be up {bright and early} to report for a 4:45 am post time at my relay exchange zone.  It's looking like an early bedtime for me tonight.  Enjoy!


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