Saturday, September 15, 2012

Last Night's 6 Mile Progression Run

Last night I did a more structured progression run than my normal {run out at a decent pace, and run back faster}.  Jesse wanted this particular six miler to be out in 7:30 pace for the first three miles and back in approximately 6:50 pace for miles four and five.  The last mile was supposed to be run as fast as possible, preferably between 6:20 - 6:25.  

We met at the tow path because that is the perfect place for out and back runs...nice and flat with a soft surface.  

Here's how it went:

First three miles: 21:41 {approximately 7:14 per mile, or 22:32 5k pace}
Last three miles: 20:52 {6:45, 6:54, 6:22ish, or 20:52 5k pace} 

Total time: 41:47

I ran a little faster than planned for the first three miles, but I felt comfortable and was able to keep up a conversation.  For the last mile, I still felt pretty good and kept the pace to end in 6:22 {on the Garmin} and 6:24 on the Ironman. 

I thought this was a neat view under the bridge, overlooking the river.  

Post-run obligatory photo...

After the workout I picked up a pizza.  Willsey and I hung out until Fred got home from his football game.  This new place in town makes a really good pizza which is topped with American cheese.  It's different and delicious, but the cheese gets stuck to my teeth.

Willsey's usual post, waiting to get some lovin'!

It was a nice, quiet evening that I enjoyed with a glass of wine, a movie and some dark chocolate, of course.

This morning, I am about the head out on a 10 mile run.  For my last two long runs I was spoiled by having company {Lauretta and Jesse} so this one I will have to endure all by myself.  Then, my husband will be around all weekend with no work or sporting events and I am really looking forward to enjoying a date night with him tonight! 

Have a great Saturday! 

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