Friday, November 30, 2012

Guest Post: Lauretta's Foodie PenPal Reveal

My friend {Lauretta} participated in The Lean Green Bean's Foodie Penpal Program this past month, the same one that I was a part of in October.  Because she enjoyed it so much, she asked if she could write a guest post about the fun goodies that she received from her penpal.  So without further ado....here's Lauretta!

I’m so excited to be Tracy’s guest blogger! I’ve been following The Runner’s Palate since the first post and check it literally EVERYDAY.  Not only can I relate to a lot of the stuff Tracy posts about, but she is one of my very near and dear friends.  We haven’t known each other very long, but we have a ton in common from our hometowns, high schools, running, teaching, loving wine, etc., The list goes on and on…

Tracy did a fun thing last month through The Lean Green Bean blog called Foodie PenPal.  After reading her post, I immediately wanted to try it out! So much of life is through social media and online, that getting something in the mail with a {handwritten} note nonetheless is an anomaly!

I didn’t give too much information about myself to my penpal before she sent me a package.  Melissa seemed to know exactly what my body was craving- snacks!!!  I just started teaching full-time in the fall and it is absolutely amazing how I never sit down.  Teaching middle school P.E.  requires being on your feet almost all day.  Even during my 25 minute lunch time, I don’t sit down.  There is always equipment to put away before the next class, a jammed locker, or locker room supervision.  I hate to admit it, but there are days where I don’t even get to my lunch.  Anyway, Melissa included a hefty portion of wholesome snacks that are easy to take with me to school and they were pretty tasty!

The kit included:
  • Cheesy Kale Chips- Spicy and NO cheese
  • Honey Puffed Corn- Reminded me of Puffs cereal, they were okay but I don’t know if I’d buy them on my own.
  • LaraBars- Blueberry Pie and Cherry Chocolate were awesome and full of dates and cashews!
  • Local {from Ohio} Granola- just a bit of honey for sweetness with walnuts and dried fruit
  • Chocolate Nibs from Trader Joes- everyone needs a little chocolate right?
On the whole, it was a great kit!  It made me realize that it is easy to eat healthy snacks while being on the go.  When life gets busy, it is easy to grab something not-so-healthy because it is available.  I also found myself more alert and not as tired when I included a few of these throughout the day!  I’m so happy that Tracy let me be her guest blogger for the day.   

Thanks, Lauretta!  If you get a chance, check out Lauretta's personal blog at  www.misslauretta.wordpress.com.  I miss her, but I know I will see her soon. 

If you missed my link on the Foodie Penpal Program, you can catch it here.

Enjoy your day!


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