Monday, November 19, 2012

Lehigh-Lafayette Tailgate Party

On Saturday I celebrated the playing of the Lehigh-Lafayette football game at a tailgate party hosted by my aunt and uncle.  With a history of Lehigh grads in their family, this party has become an annual gathering for all of us and we look forward to it every year.   

Just a little background, the Lehigh-Lafayette game is "the most played football rivalry in the nation and the longest uninterrupted annual rivalry series," according to an article on Wikipedia.  Lafayette College also announced on Saturday that they will host the 150th game meeting in November 2014 at Yankee Stadium and my family is already organizing a bus trip!

My aunt always does a nice job decorating the tables and laying out an amazing food display.  I personally love the football vase filled with flowers.  A clever idea for any tailgate, it is just an old football which has been sliced at the top and filled with a small vase, Styrofoam and fresh flowers. 

Fried chicken is a standard on the tailgate table... 

Go Lehigh!

In the end, Lehigh beat Lafayette for the fifth time in a row, 38-21.

I got to spend some quality time with my mom and sister...

Brooke {my cousin-right} and her friend, Nicole, were hanging out while watching the kids play baseball.  Hmm, I wonder which team they wanted to win? 

As always, it was a fun time for everyone...especially since the right team won! 

RUNNING: The past few day's I've been putting between 4 - 6 miles/day.  For now, I've decided to concentrate on building up my base with a once-a-week workout and long run, plus some moderate runs in between rather than entering any more races this fall.  Even though it's been sunny, the air has been cold so I my body needs some time to adjust to the cooler temperatures.  

What are your racing plans for the rest of the fall season?  

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