Friday, November 2, 2012

Loving Lately

Despite a week full of destruction and despair, I used some of my time at home to organize my closet, specifically the shoes.  It's almost November and I still had summer sandals on the shelves so it was about time that I switched them out for more winter-friendly versions.  This hallway shoe closet was one of many features that I loved about our house before we purchased it. 

A lantern given to us by my parents was a life saver when the power went out.  We didn't think it at first, but it was battery-operated and gave plenty of light.

This winter white sequined mini was a must-have when I spotted it on the rack.  I always like to look for items that transition throughout the seasons and this is no different.  It can be worn in the summer with a silk tank and strappy heels, or in the winter with tights, a sweater and booties.  It fit impeccably and will be perfect to wear throughout the upcoming holiday season.  

I never was one for long nails because mine are brittle in nature and tend to break and split.  I recently purchased Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in hopes that it would help strengthen my otherwise horrible looking fingers.  I can honeslty say that after a week, my nails are {a little} longer and stronger.  The best part?  It's under $5.00 and can be purchased at your local drugstore.

I love to catch up with friends, such as my gals from Spring Garden Elementary.  Our kids are in the same second grade class at the school and we have developed amazing friendships along the way all because of our children. 

Yep...I openly admit that I'm wearing a Halloween headband and black & orange striped tights for the party at my daughter's school.  What we don't do for our children...

What are you loving lately? 

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  1. That isn't really a picture of YOUR closet, is it? I'm assuming you googled that picture...there is no way you could have that many shoes!