Friday, November 16, 2012

Loving Lately

Based on yesterday's post, you can probably guess that I'm excited that it's Friday.  Relaxing tonight, followed by a tailgate football party tomorrow will make for a nice weekend. 

First things first...one of my recipes was featured in Runner's World's food blog, The Ravenous Runner.  This site includes great recipes that are both delicious and nutritious for runners, and I chose to submit my Caprese Farro Salad.  It combines the classic flavors of the caprese salad {tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil} with farro.  Check it out to see more!

Breakfast out with my daughter is a special treat for us both…especially when a carrot cake muffin is involved.  When we split a baked good, our deal is this: one of us cuts the cupcake/cookie/muffin in half while the other gets first choice of the half they want to eat.  It works every time. 

How good do these cupcakes look?  They were a part of the tailgate at Moravian's football game last weekend and I love the vibrant blue.  It’s always fun to add color into food!

Halloween and pumpkin season is past, but these two painted ghourds were featured at the door of a restaurant.  What a cute idea for any tailgate or sports party!

The other day I groggily walked into my dark classroom to a life-sized Freddy Krueger cardboard figure.  I can’t say that I was loving this disfigured serial killer in my room on an early, rainy morning, but I do love the fun I have with the colleagues I work with.  

For a little extra fun at school, we have our 4th graders create "turkeys in disguise" with their families.  The completed turkeys are then hung in the hallway for parents to view during parent-teacher conference week.  One of my students decided to make a "Mrs. Harris" turkey, complete with blonde hair and a chalkboard.

What are you loving lately?

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