Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Product Review: The Stick

Back in October I had the opportunity to attend several blogger events hosted by Runner's World in conjunction with their half marathon and festival races.  While there, I connected with some amazing sponsors such as Altra Zero Drop footwear, Running Skirts, FreeMotion Apparel, among others.  I got quite excited for one sponsor in particular because I've been wanting to try out their product for a while.  If you aren't new to running, then you've probably heard of The Stick.  

What is The Stick?  
The Stick is a long cylinder with circular rollers that turn when rolled over a muscle.  It is a tool that athletes {and runners} use to sooth sore muscles, prevent injuries, shorten recovery, and increase strength and flexibility.  

Who uses The Stick
The Stick is used by hundreds of hospitals {such as the Mayo Clinic} in their physical therapy departments, as well as by most professional sports organizations.  Many staffers from Runner’s World, including Bart Yasso, have been "Stickusers" for years.  In addition, my chiropractor is a fan of The Stick and uses it on his patients when needed.

Which Stick was best for me?
Because I'm a runner, I chose the Sprinter Stick since it is the most versatile of their shorter Sticks.  It provides a light to deep massage depending on the amount of pressure applied by the user. 

After all of the RW events, a representative from their company {Patrick} followed up with me to see if I had any questions.  Because this product was new to me, I told him that I would use it for at least two to three weeks and then report on my findings and observations.  

During those several weeks, I made sure to make The Stick a part of my daily routine, which included using it before and after most runs.  This time also happened to fall in between chiropractor visits and I have to say, The Stick really did a nice job keeping my stiffness at bay.  If you read my blog, you may know that I suffer from IT band soreness in the hip area and The Stick made a difference in my level of pain and degree of soreness.  Normally I am a huge fan of the foam roller, but The Stick was a nice alternative.

Why use it before a run?   When used before a workout, muscles will be warmed up and feel lighter.  Makes sense, right?  I related it to warming up with a light jog and completing my drills before a hard session because those things are necessary for healthy running.

Why use it after a run?  Just like a foam roller, if The Stick is used after a run, muscles will recover faster and will not be as sore the next day.  

Patrick also said that if there are doubts of the benefits of The Stick, just roll out one leg after a run and not the other and you will be able to notice an immediate difference.  Overall, my experience as a Stickuser was a positive one and I plan on incorporating it into my daily recovery routine.

For more information, check out their website: www.thestick.com.  There you will find a variety of types and sizes that are suitable just for you. 
Please note that I received this complimentary product from the makers of The Stick, but all of the above opinions are my own.  If you missed my recaps of the RW Blogger Events and my 10k race, feel free to take a look using the links below... 

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  1. Thank you Tracy and exceptionally well written article. We appreciate your thoroughness!

    Also thanks for making a difference in the quality of lives of others Tracy.

    Keep on using The Stick on a daily basis: it's amazing the difference it makes for your muscles. I have personally been using The Stick since 1994 and you won't find me at home or traveling without a Stick ( note: when flying, put The Stick into your checked luggage).