Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pre-Turkey Interval Workout

This afternoon I had a decision to make...drinks with friends or a pre-Thanksgiving interval workout.  I chose the latter for a few reasons:

1) I know I will be eating a ton tomorrow so I wanted to burn a few calories.
2) It was so beautiful outside that I couldn't resist running in the warm sun/crisp temperature.
3) It's been over two weeks since my last real workout.  

Jesse met me at the canal tow path and the plan was 2 x 1 mile at ~6:30 pace and then to finish with a 2 mile interval at the same pace.  Since it's been a little while since my legs were moving fast, it took me the first mile to get warmed up and the rest all fell into place.  Here's how it went...

One mile warmup and some drills/strides

Mile #1 -- 6:29 
{2:00 rest}
Mile #2 -- 6:17 
{2:30 rest}
2 Miles -- 12:48 {6:22 and 6:26}

One mile cool down for a total of ~6 miles

I have to say, that last 2-mile interval was tough.  I struggled a bit in the beginning, but I held my pace throughout even though I was tired.  This workout was certainly not my 4 x 2-mile one back before Hurricane Sandy, but it was solid and I'm glad I got it in.  Tomorrow morning I plan on a few miles before heading to the in-laws! 

Have a great night and be safe if traveling for the holiday!


  1. Looks like both of your legs were moving rather quickly for this workout. I envy your running ability.

  2. The bike in the picture is the second nicest bike I've ever seen!