Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Day Off (From Running).

Sometimes I just have to take a day off from my regularly scheduled running routine, even though I may not want to.  Normally I only run about five days a week mainly due to time and family obligations.  However the past day or two, my right hip has been really acting up, so I decided that yesterday was a yoga day. 

In the basement, we have a nice little corner dedicated precisely to exercise and fitness.  We bought the colorful floor you see pictured from our local Sam’s Club, a wholesale store that sells items in bulk.  The whole floor cost under $100, and it was well worth its weight in gold since we use it often.  An old TV, a DVD player, a stepper machine, and some weights make our little home workout room complete.

I decided that it was feeling like a Rodney Yee kind of day, so I pulled out his Total Body Power Yoga DVD.  This is an intermediate level workout full of great poses to stretch and lengthen the body.  Yee is a internationally known yoga guru who has a bunch of great DVDs available for all fitness levels. 

Here I am… my stepdaughter took a few photos of the session and she enjoyed her roll as photographer.

Triangle Pose

Warrior One

Warrior Two

Downward Facing Dog

Side Angle Pose

I also made sure to pay extra attention to stretching my hips since they are the reason behind this divergent workout. 

After yoga, I decided that it was time to pay a little attention to my arms and abs, so I lifted some  weights and did my normal abdominal routine which is a spin off from Tracy Anderson’s mat workout. 

Over the years and through my experiences, I have learned to listen to my body.  Don’t get me wrong, I have run through pain before…but in the end, it always pays off to be smart and lay low for a day or two to recover.  

One more thing...I worked on a new chili recipe for the Super Bowl and I will be sure to share the results this week!  Just a hint -- it involves dark chocolate. 

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!  Go Giants and Eli Manning!



  1. That's a gym that would make Tony H. envious.

  2. When this blog takes off and becomes more popular than Kim Kardashian's -- and it will, soon -- I'll be proud to say I was the second "member." Go Pats!!!