Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Run For Oiselle!

Good morning!

As I said in yesterday’s post, I have a special announcement to make and as you can probably guess from the title of this post, yes…I now run for Oiselle! 

Oiselle is a women’s running clothing line based out of Seattle, Washington.  Not only are their products designed specifically for a woman’s body, but the company itself was founded under the principle that running is more than a sport…it’s a life philosophy.  

What really attracted me to this company was their vision, and the inspiration and motivation they promote to women of all ability levels.  Oiselle believes that all women are strong and healthy, both on and off the track, roads or trails.  Their philosophy is very similar to mine and thus…it is a perfect match for me. 

I LOVE this collection of words.  
This logo was designed for an Oiselle t-shirt.

By running for Oiselle, I am what’s called an Ambassador.  As an Ambassador, and as a member of the racing team, I have certain opportunities. 

First and foremost, I would represent Oiselle while racing by wearing the provided Oiselle singlet and shorts. 

I could have the opportunity to be a guest blogger on Oiselle.com, which I think would be totally cool!  Plus, I could be called upon to talk about Oiselle products and my running experiences at local running store events or running expos.  

In addition, I have joined my friend Lauretta (pictured here before our run this past Saturday) to represent the state of PA on the Oiselle team. 

I'm excited to be associated with this group of talented and special women!

So take a look for yourself!  For more information on Oiselle go to:

Finally, on a delicious note, today is Faschnaut Day.  This Pennsylvania Dutch tradition serves the purpose of using up all of the lard, shortening, and fat in the house prior to the start of the fasting associated with Lent.  Other terms for this day include Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday, but whatever you call it – this day always falls the day before Ash Wednesday.

Faschnauts are similar to donuts, but they have no holes.  They can come in a variety of flavors such as glazed, powdered, frosted, and cinnamon sugar.  No matter the flavor you choose, it will always be a winner.  Plus, having a faschnaut on Fat Tuesday is said to bring good luck.  So I say…bring on the fried dough because I need all the luck I can get!  This is the one day a year that I allow myself to indulge in this yummy, fried treat.  

Do you celebrate Faschnaut Day? 

Have a Happy Tuesday!



  1. I swear, PA has more random holidays than I've ever heard of! Donut day? Really? BTW, the singlets look really cool, congrats on being a professional runner. Now quit your day job!

  2. Random BethleheminianFebruary 21, 2012 at 9:54 AM

    Hey Random Canadian, PA is a great state. Why don't you go and celebrate boxing day or wear flannel day you hoser! Also, Tracy is a great runner! If she were a Canadian, she'd have been a 4-time Olympian by now!

  3. How did you become an ambassador? I love Oiselle & would love to be an ambassador!

    1. Hello! I think there is a part on their website where you can apply. I'm not sure if they are still taking applications, but it's worth a try.