Sunday, February 26, 2012

Palazzo Pant = Perfect.

Happy Sunday!!

As the spring fashion trends come rolling into stores near you, there is one hot item that I am lusting over…

…the palazzo pant!

This super comfy, very flattering, wide legged beauty of a pant can come in a vast variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics.  

So to try out this trend, I recently purchased an adorable grey and black micro-striped pair that is made of a jersey-knit material with a thick waistband similar to that of a yoga pant.  I wore them all day Friday to work, plus all night to the wrestling meet.  To my surprise, I received quite a few compliments, plus I literally felt like I was wearing PJ bottoms.  I’d say that’s a WIN-WIN combination!  

According to some sources, this pant is similar to the maxi-skirt that made its way into the fashion world over the last few seasons.  But overall, I am pleased with this new addition to my wardrobe and will wear them with comfortable pride throughout the spring.

Running: Jesse and I met this morning for our weekly hard workout and we did some repeat miles at my "sort of" anticipated 5k pace.   We decided to hit the tow path along the canal since it is nice and flat and the surface is soft and cinder-like, which served as a nice break from the roads. 

Here's what we did: 

1 1/4 mile warm-up
1 - 6:18 mile – 1:45 rest
2 - 6:17 mile – 1:45 rest
3 - 6:15 mile – 1:45 rest

Then we decided to break up the last mile to finish at a faster pace:
800 - 3:04 – 1:00 rest
400 - 1:25  – 1:00 rest
400 - 1:24

1 1/4 mile cool down

The first 3 1/2 miles of tempo were at 19:33 pace for a 5k and my goal is to run sub-19:00 in the near future.  After all of that, plus grocery shopping and laundry...I am exhausted!

So, what do you think of the palazzo pant trend?  Would you add them to your spring ensemble?  

Have a restful day!

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  1. I would definitely add the palazzo pant to my wardrobe. I have big legs, so they'd fit much better, I like to be in style, plus they're really cute!

    BTW, sounds like you're in really good shape - you should take it easy on that Jesse guy, if he's running with you, he may be getting tired!