Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Shenanigans.

Good afternoon!  I hope you are enjoying your Saturday as much as I am.  

I love Saturdays...especially when I can get some things done around the house that I have neglected throughout the week...i.e. laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  
Since I didn't get to bed until the wee hours, I woke up at 9:15 this morning...very late for me...but it felt good to sleep in.  My friend Lauretta came over and we decided to run an easy five miles on my fav out and back course.  Here we are pre-run...it was gorgeous outside!  

Once we got back, I got ready to tackle my errands and take on the day.  I started with numero uno - the grocery list.  Making a food list can sometimes be a daunting task since I plan for almost an entire week of meals.  With a load of laundry in the washer and a cup of coffee in my hand, I was ready to go.  

My grocery store of choice is our local Wegman's.  I particularly enjoy going on a Saturday because 1) they have LOTS of free samples and 2) it is usually a social gathering and I can't get out of there in under an hour.  Believe me.....I tried but, it's all good!  

Here is my car upon arriving at home after my journey.  This is my least favorite part...unloading the food and putting it away.  Ugh!  

My counters are usually a mess until I get them all sorted and organized, yet another challenge.  

Oh, and I'll be sure to let you know who is hot and who is not. Ha!

We can't forget Willsey's all-natural dog treats!

The bakery was sampling an Ancient grain bread filled with cranberries, flaxseed, rolled oats, sunflower seeds and more.  They topped it with their milky brie.  It was amazing.  Of course I had to buy a loaf, plus a side of the brie and I figured this could be our pre-party snack before we leave tonight.  

Here it is with a few strawberries.  I decided to dig in early before my husband got home.  Heh!  

Well, off to take a short nap before I get ready for a 40th birthday party.  

Up for tomorrow?  An early morning speed workout with Jesse and the baking of the friendship bread.  

Have a great night!


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  1. You know they make re-usable shopping bags. Cute pink top, btw!